Grill-pan peaches with chocolate honeycomb mascarpone

An easy and somewhat sublime summer recipe. I practised it last night in advance of cooking for ten next week (which would otherwise have taken a sense of culinary adventure a little too far).

Halve one peach per person – very ripe, juicy peaches, almost over-ripe – and remove their stones. Place in a bowl with some brown sugar (enough to lightly cover at least the cut side of the peaches) and a few little knobs of butter or margarine, placed in the holes where the stones had been. You could add liqueur here?

Heat up a grill pan until it is dangerously hot. (Probably a good time to make sure your extractor fan is on.)

Meanwhile, combine, to taste, about two parts mascarpone to one part Greek yoghurt (to lighten and reduce sweetness). If you’re cooking for two and you like measurements, probably about 100g mascarpone/50g yoghurt would do.

Attack a violent crumble bar, making sure some parts of the honeycomb turn to smithereens. Stir through.

Grill the peaches on both sides. They will caramelise beautifully in dark strips. Don’t think about the carbon.

Serve with the mascarpone, and perhaps some mint leaves?

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