Mocan and Green Grout – impractical, but delicious

It’s a little unusual to have an opportunity to sample something brand new in Canberra. Especially, something brand new that you haven’t yet heard reviewed by multiple friends.

Heartened by experiences of good coffee and granola enriched with rose petals, A and I went to Mocan and Green Grout the night after they opened for dinner.

It is an intimate space, cosy and Melbourne-inspired, a little like eating in someone’s kitchen in a tree, complete with the warmth and awkward perching implied.Image

Menu items focus on key ingredients: Thirlmere duck breast, lentils, beetroot. Dishes are designed to share, and the menu avoids capital letters wherever possible.

Food is fresh and flavoursome. Portions are small but exciting; simple things done well with some adventurous touches.

Service is cheerful and there is plenty of buzz and excitement. There were plenty of friends around, and staff pouring love into the place. There is a feeling of impracticality, though. No bookings, seating that is challenging for the substantial food of dinner time and occasionally distracted staff. But if you’re in the right mood, all of this adds to the charm.


Prices are pretty fair for Canberra. We ravished the menu for $110 for two of us, and it is BYO with Urban Food conveniently located up the road for wine.

We were so inspired by the place, squashed side by side and rearranging plates too large for the table, that we talked of opening our own bar one day and developing extraordinary cocktails.

Welcome, Mocan. Canberra needs you.Image

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