An alliterative Pimms pizza picnic

IMG_3911 IMG_3904 IMG_3900

A very hot Friday evening in Canberra after a very long week made it a waste to stay indoors. As A was Pimms-inclined and I was pizza-inclined, we combined them for a picnic on their pier (well, the jutting out bit of wood near Water’s Edge), a spot that treated us to subtle romantic lighting and a glorious view of the storm rolling in across the mountains.

The pizza was from the Pizza Arte, Kingston’s ‘backyard pizza’ and our favourite in Canberra, where they’re happy to indulge my desire to add basil to everything. The Pimms was a hasty concoction we put together at home, heavy on the Pimms, the ginger beer and the mint, lighter on the citrus and the lemonade and all housed in a tasteful plastic jug with a lid from Coles. Jug was excellent at storage but less good at pouring, and was quickly blown over when the wind from the storm dashed towards us from across the lake.


The sudden interruption of a calm and sultry evening by the arrival of rain and wild winds had us make a hasty retreat. Actually though, I would have preferred to sit there in the rain and the wind. It was beautiful.

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