Sailing on Lake Burley Griffin


Last weekend, while the sun was warm and the wind was light, A took me out on a little catamaran on the lake. He has been learning to sail over the past year, and loving it; I went out with his crew once but with little understanding of what was happening. So, this day, I decided that I could risk my phone (insured) but not my proper camera (uninsured) – thus the somewhat dodgy photos. The wind was a bit too light, as far as A was concerned, but I found it unexpectedly thrilling. Steering was especially fun, assisted by the endlessly patient A, who corrected me gently on each of the many times I pushed or pulled the rudder in quite the wrong direction.


As I said to a friend recently who I hadn’t seen in a while, if you live in Canberra, you might as well embrace it. Sailing fits into that category. You can hire little yachts from here ($35 for an hour), and dashing about the lake is splendid at this time of year, especially (or perhaps only?) if you know someone who can sail to dash around with. The whole experience reminded me of Swallows and Amazons, the books about a bunch of English kids adventuring in little boats around Lake Windermere, which my lovely dad read to me when I was little.

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