Pomegranate Christmas tartlets (and a birthday picnic)

A request for a fuss-free birthday celebration led to a lunchtime birthday picnic in the rose gardens next to Old Parliament House.

We headed down to find a shady place under a tree, with big tupperware containers full of Thai chicken salad and pomegranate tartlets.


I’m planning to make these little tarts again for family Christmas dinner. They are super-easy and tasty and look beautiful.

(makes 6)

six brandy snap baskets (I bought them from Coles)
250g mascarpone
100g good-quality vanilla yoghurt
1 tbsp caster sugar
1 pomegranate

Deseed the pomegranate. Combine mascarpone, yoghurt and sugar and spoon into the brandy baskets. Sprinkle pomegranate seeds on top.

If you’re preparing these in advance, everything can be ready to go (the most time-consuming part is pulling the seeds out of the pomegranate), but the creamy mixture will make the brandy baskets go soft and, ultimately, fall apart in a few hours – so leave the spooning part as late as possible.


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