Project 365 – Part 1

My other major exercise in structured creativity in 2013 is to attempt Project365: a photo for every day of the year. In 2013, that means finding something like 200 photos to take in and around Canberra (and weekend destinations), with most of the rest starting a new life in Oxford. I like the idea that, if I keep going, they will be 365 photos with an appropriate mixture of mundanity and variety.

In a decision that is making this project simultaneously more convenient and more challenging, I’ve decided to take the photos on Instagram – partly inspired by the wonderful things that the take-everywhere-camera in the iPhone can do (such as Dan Chung of the Guardian and his extraordinary iPhone photos of the London Olympics). Perhaps unexpectedly, I feel a little more eccentric waving my iPhone camera around than I do with my chunky, old-school noisy DSLR. Nonetheless, I like the way this project, and the elegant simplicity of Instagram, are encouraging me to see the beautiful in the everyday.

My first twelve days of 2013 in photos are below. More to come.


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4 Responses to Project 365 – Part 1

  1. Marie says:

    You are moving to Oxford?

  2. beolens says:

    Nice collection to start, I’m doing a 365 myself and it gets tricky some days trying to find the time/inspiration to actually get a shot of any note (I’ve had a couple of days with photos I would normally not want the world to see).

    Good luck with it and the new life in Oxford (a wonderful city to take pictures in).

    • emmatrus says:

      Thanks for your comments! Agree about the challenges of finding interesting things to photograph – when it works and you’re surprised it’s great, but on other days I’ve found it gets desperate! WHen did you start your 365?

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